So earlier this week, I received THIS in my email inbox. I have emailed the author back, the mysterious PeterBD, to get his approval to share this handy work of his with all of you because a ” I appreciate your work” email is one thing but a rap in which I am compared to Tupac NEVER EVER HAPPENS EVER.

I try and keep my Tumblr praise private and not make a real big deal of it because no one is here for that kinda stuff, but being in the middle of this never ending graphic novel project with nothing to show of it yet (see above picture) and my looming trip to Angouleme nearing the end of this month (Oct. 2nd, to be exact) its easy to forget you have an audience. 

So, all I want to say is thanks you guys! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

sorese is the man.

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  1. charmainevee said: I am SO excited about your book, CAN’T wait to see it, man!
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    sorese is the man.
  4. anthonycudahy said: i have been calling you tupac for years. kris is biggie.
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